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Stealth Alternators
Get the convenience and dependability of a alternator with the classic good looks of a generator!
​These Alternators will make 75 Amps but are de-rated by the factory to 45 amps due to possible heat issues within the case. 

While we have yet to need it we have brought into stock all parts to rebuild the alternators including regulators(with brushes), bearings, slip rings, Rotors, stators, & diodes. We have done this to assure you that the units will be serviceable for years to come.

Large terminal is for the charging circuit, the small terminal is for an Idiot light.

The alternators now come complete with a pulley and fan!

These are a well made unit and really have the correct look for your traditional hot rod. Easily adapted to many applications

12 Volt negative ground

$249 Plus Shipping
Big News! Our friends at Hells Gate Hot Rods have acquired our product lines, and will now be producing our products for sale on their page. We have had a long term association with Hells Gate Hot Rods and we are confident you will get the same great service and parts you have come to expect from Rotten Leonard’s. All parts will be made in the same fashion with our original tooling. Thank you for the business over the years. Please click here to visit Hells Gate Hot Rods' home page.