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​It's important to determine if your axles and flanges are a good candidate for re-drilling. On both axels inspect the locations of the new holes to find if there are any obstructions, pre existing holes, or thin material that could cause failure of the components YOU ARE LIABLE IF RE-DRILLING WEAKENS THE COMPONENTS' AND CAUSES FAILURE. IF YOU ARE UNSURE YOU MAY WANT TO HAVE A MECHANICAL ENGINEER LOOK AT THE PARTS TO DETERMINE IF RE-DRILLING IS SAFE.

Tools you will need: LOW SPEED drill, cutting oil, and torque wrench. 

Parts included are: the drill guide and a set of SHARP drill bits. If the multi-patterned drill guide is purchased red caps are included. Please note that re-drilling requires removal of the brake components (to prevent damage) but DOES NOT REQUIRE REMOVAL OF AXLE. For the ease of photography we are showing the components removed.
 First clean all components' of rust, debris, and any burs. Second, chase all the threads of the existing wheel studs and nuts on both axles. After all parts have been cleaned and inspected, install the drill guide and torque the lug nuts to 20 ft-lbs in the appropriate star pattern.
The red caps pictured are included with multi-pattern drill guides and should be used to help prevent drilling the incorrect pattern. They should be installed over the unused drill guide before installing the guide.

Verify that the included bits are sharp prior to drilling. Using the 1/4" bit drill through the smaller drill guide, during drilling clean out the chips often and use liberal amounts of cutting oil

After drilling the first 1/4" hole, remove the guide and clean all components. Next index the guide so the larger drill guide is in line with the previously drilled 1/4" pilot hole and install. Re-install the nuts and torque to 20 ft-lbs. Now use the larger bit to enlarge the previously drilled pilot hole to its finished size, be sure to use a low speed drill, plenty of pressure and lots of cutting fluid. Next use the 1/4"drill to create a new pilot hole for the next stud. Make sure the bits stay sharp as dull bits can cause the holes to be drill off center
Continue the last four steps until all holes have been drilled (picture shows the flange after three pilot holes have been drilled and two finish holes have also been drilled.
Here all holes have been drilled and the components are ready to be dissassembled and cleaned.
Now the old studs can be pressed out and the new ones can be installed followed by reassembly of the brake components.

A list of usable wheel studs and part numbers is included with the guide. Please note these are a subset of the complete instructions.

Wheel Bolt/Lug Pattern Drill Guide
Here are some informational videos on how to install and use your drill guides.
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