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'30 - '31 Roadster Production Car
    Start your Model A roadster build off right with Rotten Leonard’s Jalopy Shop. We are now offering ‘30 - '31 Model A Roadster Reproduction Cars. The body panels are stamped at Brookville Roadster and the panels are assembled on a Rotten Leonard’s Rectangular Style Subfloor right here in house. If you are interested in a car, each one takes about three to six months to assemble, and has a waiting list time of about six months. A $1000 deposit is required to get on the waiting list, at the time that we start your build a 50% Deposit (total cost/2 - $1000 Waiting list Deposit), with the remaining balance due on completion.

The specifications of our reproduction roadster build are as follows:

    The Body
        Our reproduction ’30-’31 Roadster comes with steel body panels stamped by Brookville Roadster, a tip out dash for easy access to the pedal assembly, wiring and gauges, a widened floor for extra foot room, tubular sub-floor, 14-gauge bonded and screwed sheeting construction, and a compact rear differential clearance pocket; the trunk assembly and doors are hinged and latched, with ’28-’29 style latches being used for the doors (no outside door handle). The windshield and frame is our Rotten Leonard Hallock Style windshield. Our firewall is a Rotten Leonard style, V8-stamped recessed firewall. To prevent any cracking or shrink-back in the body, the body seams have been tig welded with silicone bronze. The front end of the car will be fitted with Model A wishbones, a So-Cal 4” forged drop axle, F-1 front drum brakes with new shoes and wheel cylinders, chrome dropped steering arms, and chrome front shocks with Rotten Leonard style upper shock mounts. 
    Frame Specifications
        The frame in our reproduction roadster includes JW Rod Garage frame Rails, Rotten Leonard style full boxing plates, a Rotten Leonard style heavy-duty K-Member, JW Rod Garage front cross-members, and removable wishbone mounts. We also include a Rotten Leonard, Hurst Style engine mount, and a combination transmission/ ladder bar mount fitted for the NV 3500 5-speed transmission. This transmission mount allows for easy modification for different transmissions. We also include front and rear spreader bars, rear tube shocks, a rear Rotten Leonard style drilled rectangular-tube cross-member, a Core Ford 9” rear axle with center section axles, and a Rotten Leonard style spring hanger with ’40 Ford transverse spring. The Chassis will be constructed on your chassis table using our proprietary jigs.
    Additional Options
        While these options are not included with our base package, we can also include a steering box mount, a pedal assembly, wheels and tires, or any other modifications you would like performed at a time and materials rate(shop time is $75/hr, parts/materials are marked up 20%, you can provide parts if you prefer)

Below are the listed out specifications for easy access.

​If you would like to be added to the waiting list for one of these cars, please click here to pay for a down payment of $1,000. 
    New Brookville Body Panels
    Widened Floor
        Includes tubular sub-frame
        14G Floor sheeting
        Bonded and screwed sheeting construction
        Compact rear diff clearance pocket
    Tip out dash for easy access 
    Hinged and latched trunk assembly
    Fitted and welded RL Hallock Style windshield
    Doors– hinged and latched w/ 28’ 29’ latches
    Body seams tig welded with silicone bronze to prevent         shrink-back and cracking in your finish coat
    RL stamped V8 recessed firewall

    Split Model A wishbones
    So-cal 4” forged drop axle
    F-1 front drum brakes
        New shoes and wheel cylinders
    Chrome dropped steering arms
    Chrome front shocks with upper RL mounts

    JW Rod Garage frame rails
    RL full boxing plates
    RL heavy-duty K-member
    JW Rod Garage front cross-member
    Removable wishbone mounts
    RL combination rear
        Ladder bar / trans mount
            (allows easy modification for different transmissions)
            Currently setup for NV3500 5-speed transmission
    Front + rear spreader bars
    Rear tube shocks
    RL rear spring hanger w/ 40 Ford transverse spring
    Core Ford 9” rear with center section and axles
    Hurst Style engine mount 
        Setup for SBC and NV3500 5-speed trans
    RL drilled rectangular tube rear cross-member

Also available at extra cost:
    Steering box
    Brake pedal assembly
    Wheels and tires
    Basically any other modifications you would like         performed at a time and materials rate(shop time is         $75/hr, parts/materials are marked up 20%, you can         provide parts if you prefer)